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Carpet Brands We Carry at Clawes Carpets & Flooring

Things You Should Look at When Selecting the Right Carpet for Your Home



Wool is one of the greenest (if not the greenest carpet) carpet there is. Made of sheep’s wool it is inherently stain and soil resistant. It is the toughest wearing fiber there is. Due to its natural structure wool creates pockets of air which act as a barrier to heat loss. You can save up to 12% on your energy bill through thermal insulation effects of wool carpet – it keeps rooms cool in summer and warm in winter. With that being said it is also one of the more expensive fibers.


Here at Clawes about 90% of what we sell is nylon products. Aside from wool it is the best wearing fiber. You will find it constructed a few different ways.


Polyester (also known as PET polyethylene terephthalate) is a synthetic fiber. Advantages to this fiber are that it is inherently stain and soil resistant, comes in bold, bright colors and is considerably less than nylon. Disadvantage being that it is not as durable or resilient as nylon.


The tighter the twist the better the wear is when it comes to carpet. A product that does not have a tight twist will bloom over time more quickly (where it slightly unravels at the tip).


Density of the carpet plays into how well it is going to wear. So if you have a high traffic area such as a hall, steps or family room you are going to want a product that is at least a 35 ounce weight or above.


Loop or cut pile? When it comes to wear the construction of the carpet (loop/berber or cut pile) is not a factor. Some things you may want to consider though are…

If you have a cat or small dog you may want to NOT go with a loop simply for the fact they can get their claws under there and create a snag in the carpet.

Looking for a carpet to help camouflage your high traffic home? You should consider a textured carpet (slightly cut at 2 different lengths) to hide foot prints and vacuum prints.

Choose a carpet that is not too light, or not too dark. A very light colored carpet will show more dirt and soil. A very dark colored carpet will show lint and hair.

Have a basement that gets a lot of dirt and soil coming in and out? Choose a carpet that has different flecks of color vs. a solid color carpet. The more color variation the better!

BCF vs. Stapled Yarns

Bulk continuous filament (BCF) is one continuous fiber. So you will get minimal loss of fiber or shedding. A stapled yarn is not continuous, therefore having more loss of fiber over time and with wear. BCF is preferred for any moderate to high traffic area.

Carpet Care Instructions

  • Each manufacturer has Warranty and Care Guidelines unique to your product available on their website. We recommend each customer familiarize themselves by reading this prior to their installation and keeping on record. Make sure you know which warranty applies to your product. If you have any questions on this, please reach out to your Clawes Carpets & Flooring Sales Associate. 
  • The customer is responsible for keeping proof of purchase of their flooring purchase. This is important to provide for the warranty of your floors.
  • Only use the manufacturers recommended cleaning method for your flooring product. If the consumer uses a product not recommended from the manufacturer to clean and/ or maintain your floors, Clawes and the Manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any damages.
  • To maintain the carpet warranty the customer must provide proof of professional carpet cleaning (hot water extraction is typically the recommended cleaning) every 18 months. Please keep copies of your carpet cleaning receipts. 
  • Clawes Carpets & Flooring offers hot water extraction carpet cleaning by a CRI certified specialist. As a customer you will get 10% off your first cleaning.
  • Clawes Carpets & Flooring recommends Spot Shot for spot cleaning carpets. Please read directions prior to using the product on your carpet. You can purchase Spot Shot here.
  • Vacuum regularly at least once a week. Vacuum more frequently in high traffic areas and use a CRI approved vacuum. You can find the list of vacuums here. 
  • Stop dirt at the door by using mats placed directly outside and inside the entrance, taking your shoes off when you enter the space, and changing your air filters to reduce airborne dust particles.
  • If you have a chair with cast roller wheels use a mat to protect the floor. 

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