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Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Brands We Carry at Clawes Carpets & Flooring

Things to Know about Hardwood Flooring


When selecting hardwood floors there are many different species to choose from. About 90% of what we sell is red oak and maple. It is most commonly found in households today. So how do you determine what species is right for you?

Have a high traffic home? A red oak might be right for you as it has more variation then say for example a maple therefore helping hide better.

What is the difference of the species aside from graining or appearance? Some species are harder than others. In the flooring industry we have what they call a Janka rating scale. This rates the hardness of the wood. You will find the exotics are some of the hardest woods.


Stain has come a long way over the years. Before there used to be just a few traditional ones, now they have grays, blacks and even arctic whites. It is best when living in a home with a lot of wear to not go too light or too dark. Being that either extreme will show more wear.


High Gloss – Shiny and smooth amplifies light but also can amplify marks and scratches.
Semi-Gloss – Most common on most floors.
Matte – Reduces appearance of marks and scratches.

Brown hardwood living room scene


Boards are classified according to the variations of natural color. The “select and better” has minimal variation while a “traditional” grade has more variation. A “rustic” grade which is very popular now has more knots and cracks. BE SURE when talking to the sales person to mention the amount of variation you have in mind for your home. Please note not all sample boards you see in the store give an accurate depiction of what the entire finished product will look like.


There are many widths of boards to choose from these days. Traditional widths are 2 ¼” to 3 ¼” . Now we have been introduced to some going up to 7” widths! Narrower boards make a room look longer, while wider boards make it appear

Engineered or Solid

Typically most people prefer to go with solid wood if it is in an application that allows for it (above ground and not on a concrete surface.) The biggest advantage to a solid wood is that you can refinish it over time and it will look brand new afterwards. Engineered wood is created for environments that have varying humidity.

Dark brown hardwood dining room scene

Hardwood Care Instructions

  • Each manufacturer has Warranty and Care Guidelines unique to your product available on their website. We recommend each customer familiarize themselves by reading this prior to their installation and keeping on record. Make sure you know which warranty applies to your product. If you have any questions on this, please reach out to your Clawes Carpets & Flooring Sales Associate.
  • The customer is responsible for keeping proof of purchase of their flooring purchase. This is important to provide for the warranty of your floors.
  • Only use the manufacturers recommended cleaning method for your flooring product. If the consumer uses a product not recommended from the manufacturer to clean and/ or maintain your floors, Clawes Carpets & Flooring and the Manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any damages.
  • NEVER use soap, wax, oil, water, steam mops or detergent to clean your floors. Soap, wax and oil products will create a build up over time that is very difficult to clean, and your floors finish will begin to have a cloudy appearance.
  • It is important to have felt pad protectors put under the legs of chairs, sofas, tables, etc. This protects the floor from scratches, especially chairs that are moved frequently. We recommend Flexi-Felt you can purchase here.
  • If you have a chair with cast roller wheels use a mat to protect the floor. 
  • Avoid wearing heels on hardwood floors. 
  • Only use recommended padding for your area rugs on hardwood floors. Some pads can damage or adhere over time to flooring. We recommend lifting, cleaning underneath, and rotating your area rugs every 6 months. Clawes Carpets & Flooring carries CRI certified pad that will protect both your floors as well as area rug for years to come and can help select the appropriate pad for your floor.
  • Stop dirt at the door by using mats placed directly outside and inside the entrance, taking your shoes off when you enter the space, and changing your air filters to reduce airborne dust particles.
  • If you have a minor scratch touch up markers and crayons can be used and available through the manufacturer or Minwax which you can find here
  • All wood will expand and contract to a degree with changes in seasons and humidity levels. To prevent excessive expansion and contraction it is recommended the homeowner keep the home at a humidity level relative to their area which is between 33%-44%.
  • Regularly vacuum the floor at least once a week to prevent abrasive particles from scratching the finish. When using a vacuum make sure the beater bar is turned OFF.
  • It’s recommended to keep a few boards or a box, if possible, for future repair work that may occur. 
  • Pet’s nails should be cleaned and trimmed to prevent scratching. 
  • Clawes Carpets & Flooring recommends BONA for cleaning wood floors. Please make sure the cleaner is for wood floors as BONA carries cleaning products for multiple hard surface types. You can find their hardwood cleaner here.  BONA also sells a cleaning kit that comes with a removable and washable microfiber pad you can find here.

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