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Flooring Design Trends


From Trendy… to Timeless

COVID has had a large impact on all our lives and the design trends of 2022 are a direct response to it.

For the first time in decades, rather than go ‘trendy” there is a shift towards “timeless” design.   

Customers are more environmentally aware and conscious. While it’s nice to get inspiration from design magazines and television shows, people are no longer feeling the desire to rip out perfectly good white square tile to be replaced with perfectly good white rectangular (or subway tile) to meet the latest design trends.

More neutral, warm and natural tones are replacing black, grey and white stains in wood. The line Sweet Memories by Mirage has some lovely warm and inviting colors such as Hula Hoop and Jump Rope.  

Bolder colors are being replaced with softer and more inviting tones in carpet. Shaw’s Find Your Comfort in Homemade Ice cream has been a top seller. So popular in Northern Virginia it is now one of our stocking carpets you can find along with all our other stocking flooring!

Quiet patterns such as herringbone are replacing louder Oriental or Persian patterned runners and area rugs.  

Herringbone Collections:

And you can search all of the Clawes Carpets area rugs.

Consumers are looking for functionality over aesthetics. They are thinking long term. I personally love this approach both from an economic and environmental standpoint.

Minimalist and Maximalist Approach to Design

Floor Covering Weekly had a great article written by Lauren Moore-Brennan on Minimalism and Maximalism. Two approaches that were inspired to invoke feeling of calmness and nostalgia. When I first read about nostalgia coming back via fabric and textures in the Maximalist approach, it was hard for me to envision…but then I found myself purchasing a brand-new Target sweater that looked just like my grandmother’s crochet blankets. Hook, line, and sinker…Target sold me.

Minimalist: Creating calmness with simple clean and understated designs.

Maximalism: Energizing and bold colors. Meant to invoke feelings of nostalgia from childhood memories to a memorable vacation.

Check out some of these new patterns Masland has just come out with that have both Minimalist and Maximalist designs! It’s a fun and refreshing collection called 1866 (named after the year Masland first started in case you were wondering ) My favorites are Hanover and Palatial . Masland calls Hanover “a little bit of rustic and a little bit of rock n roll.”

Which approach do you think you would categorize yourself under? Or maybe you are a combination of both?

Closed Floor Plans Replacing Open Floor Plans

During COVID there was one thing I did a lot of in my home. I created SEPARATE spaces. We had a good two years that myself and 3 young children were together. Being in one room got old QUICK. I found myself transforming the guest room to a yoga studio (all about those mindfulness breaks with 3 little ones and home schooling), converting our dining room into a study area for the kids, and notching out a corner in my bedroom as an office.

People began to repurpose their spaces and enjoyed seeking solitude in separate spaces rather than one large area.

I think we all had more time to reflect and pause, and in this time, we created more meaningful separate spaces within the home.

Botanical Prints

Another way people have found comfort is by bringing the outside in. It goes without saying the calming effects nature has on the nervous system. In addition to purchasing plants and gardening as plant therapy, flooring with subtle botanical prints and/or earth tones have picked up in popularity.

How fun is this bold floral tile Islander in color Gardner by Shaw?!

For design advice and flooring questions, reach out to Clawes’ team of flooring experts.

Patterned Tile Accent Walls

Patterned tile from historical periods and bold accent tiled walls are fun ways to add a pop of color to a room.  It has taken off as people are only using in a small area or statement location. It is a great way to add some energy to a space.

Check out Shaw’s new Retro Vintage Tile in Indigo Blue or this gorgeous Ascendant Herringbone in Viridian !

Do you think you would be adventurous to try an accent wall or do a bolder patterned tile in your kitchen or bathroom? I know I am already thinking of a few areas our home could have a little fun added to it!

Kitchen scene of Shaw Retro Vintage tile
Kitchen scene of Shaw Ascendant Herringbone in Viridian Tile

More Uniform Color, Less Variation

The flooring industry is seeing a trend towards more uniform looks in the luxury vinyl tile products.

Younger generations are moving towards consistency throughout products that are more uniform in appearance. This means not as much variation.

COREtec’s Waddington Oak or Grande Petronas Oak are great examples of less variation but still mimic the natural graining and look of real wood!

Room scene for COREtec Grande Petronas Oak

I will leave you for now with a photo of myself enjoying my nostalgic vintage quilt sweater from Target.


Crochet sweater quilt pattern