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Adorable Chocolate Labrador Retriever Puppy on a Light Color Carpet

Have a Pet? What to Consider Before Purchasing Your New Floor


I have a cat and I am considering a loop pile carpet, can their nails get caught?

Yes, there is the possibility that their tiny little claws can get under those loops and pull out threads (along with small dogs). In most cases, I would recommend going with a cut pile carpet that does not have any loops in it. But if you are set on getting a loop pile carpet, I would advise to go with the tightest loop available.

I have a large dog and would like to get a wood floor, what would you recommend?

Growing up with labs, I have seen our wood floors take a BEATING. From the edges of our stairs getting gnawed, to water damage from the water bowl and of course claw damage from sprinting back and forth playing fetch (no matter how many times our mother told us not to play it in the house). If you are set on getting wood floor you will want to get something with a tough wear layer and something that includes a 25 year to lifetime finish warranty. Remember, that warranty only guarantees that finish will not wear or fade in 25 years …but with wood being a natural product it can still scratch. Unfortunately there are no guarantees for scratching. The great thing about wood floors is you can refinish them, and technology has come a long way for our four legged friends in that you can get protectors for their nails, in forms of nail clips and dog booties. Our dog of course would chew them off, so make sure you test it out on them first before purchasing your floor if you are relying on that to help save your floors from scratching.

Of course, you can always go with a product that has the look of wood, without it being the real thing! When I started in the business 15 years ago they did not have a lot to choose from, and really did not do a great job of imitating the real thing. But now companies such as Amtico and Mannington have created products that can achieve that look while being able to take a beating.

My pet tends to urinate a lot in the same area…what should I do?

Unfortunately with pets no matter how “well” trained they are as puppies and in their older years it is still going to happen. A few things to consider…

Carpet – Many companies offer a built-in stain and soil replant, or SmartStrand is a product that is inherently stain and soil protectant and includes a lifetime guarantee! You will want padding that has a moisture barrier as well. This ensures if the urine does get through to the padding it will not be absorbed. If you do have an accident, I recommend Urine-Off. I started selling this product 10 years ago; people came in and purchased it by the gallon. You use a black light to find the areas with urine; spray the Urine-Off and literally watch it disappear. It is truly amazing and even works on porcelain in bathrooms!

Hard Surfaces – I would recommend a laminate or luxury vinyl tile with a great finish warranty. Easy to maintain and clean! Just water and vinegar to clean most all floors.

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